Strange Tale – Disappearance of Brother Voodoo

Just spent the day seeing if I could find a high grade slabbed (also nicely centered and white pager) copy of Strange Tales#169. I’m sure that I have several raw copies that are at least 9.2s, but I got it in my head to grab a slabbed copy today, spurned on by enjoying the shit out of Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural by Rick Remender and Jefte Paolo (I put up a preview of the second issue over at BSC last month–the comic is sweet, check it out!). What I thought would be a rather easy (and perhaps multiple) pull-and-purchase was actually slim pickins’, so I decided to check the CGC census and was a bit surprised at what I saw.

Out of 46 submissions (that passed pre-screening) only a single 9.8 exists, though 24 others are 9.4s or better (10 of them are 9.6s). I saw that a copy I would have bought, the Bowling Green (Pedigree) copy sold on Comiclink, but searches at the usual suspects like Ebay, Comiclink, Worldwide Comics, High Grade Comics, and Metropolis came up empty. While the first appearance of Brother Voodoo certainly doesn’t rate as an issue that would cause for heavy submission figures, I can’t help but find its relative absence from the e-world quite odd.

I dare say a disappearance worthy of the new Sorcerer Supreme.


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