Infinity Gauntlet Color – Cheap Marvel Cosmic Goodness

If you asked me I’d probably tell you that I don’t really care for color guides or color ‘art’, a bit of a relative of my general disinterest in sketches, prints and unpublished material. You will not find somebody who gets more irrationally irritated when finding out the original art of his desires has been sold, and then told by the artist “but we do have prints“. I don’t want your fucking posters–I have a sweet printer to! Yet when I start going through some of my more recent purchases I see a lot of color guides or promo material represented. It’s weird how things work out though, as in an odd way, because of my step-son view of them as a whole, my possession of the pieces I do own kind of reveals how much I do love the subject of the pieces themselves, and in some manner represent a purer appreciation for that very reason.

Color art is a great cheap way to get a piece of something you enjoy. Generally, they are still one of a kind, but just don’t represent the original penciler’s work (and with it the real monetary and investment value). In the digital age, even getting a color piece that’s actually hand-done is rarer and rarer, but going back not too long ago, getting a colored version of the page at least gets you an original hand in the process. A great example is the VALIANT process, where while never having a chance to obtain anywhere near the value of the original pencils, often times presented significantly better (especially when coming from their penciler’s that I’d call a step down from their top shelf of Barry Windsor-Smith. One of my obsessions that can draw me into buying color art is Marvel Cosmic, and specifically The Infinity Gauntlet. I own every Marvel Cosmic key (and by “key” we are talking first appearances of ton of secondary characters–Living Tribunal, Terrax, Ronan the Accuser, Firelord etc) in High grade excluding Fantastic Four#1 & #2 (I have a low grade copy of the former), and Thanos and Warlock are two of my favorite characters in comics period (in Marvel or otherwise). Original art in this series by George Perez and Ron Lim command pretty nice prices, especially if you are looking for a key Thanos page, or one depicting the gauntlet itself, and I have as of yet been unable to grab a page I want at a price I want, but hope to in the future. Below is a cheapie I bought, and was described as the colors used to promote the series/issue. I’m not sure if I can verify that, but a sweet look at a page with Doom, Surfer, Warlock and the (now former) Sorcerer Supreme? A lil’ Pip? Man, Tomio can’t resist that…


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