Hotel VS Hostel: Have a Look at the Difference

When you travel to new city what you prefer hostels or hotel. In the majority of the cases, the hotels are the luxurious places and the most expensive. At a hotel, you can have your own private rooms, house cleaner services, bathroom, and other amenities. Hostels are preferred by young travelers and are cheap. You will have to share space with others, which means no privacy. A person staying t hotels will have complete assistance like the one their bags are carried, served with everything like fresh towels, coffee, breakfast, but in hostels you cannot get all these facilities. Here is the hotels Vs hostel list you might want to consider.

What you get in hotels and hostels

Hostels are meant for those who are looking for an inexpensive place to stay which is a temporary shelter, get shower and meals some hostels provide kitchen areas where you can cook your own food. In hotel rooms, you are at your own and you will have to find places where you can eat meals if not interested in taking facilities of hotel because it adds more expense. However, today there are some good hostels also available which accommodates one guest only with shower facilities. Earlier hostels were like dormitories and had communal shower. In some hostels, you can also get a work and get discounts or a night stay free. When you stay in a hotel, you have to pay cash or pay with a valid credit card. Management also turns several guests, which are not clean. While a hostel accommodates backpackers, long distance rides showing up for a shower facility.

Facilities in hotels and hostels

In hotels, you get many facilities such as wet bars, mini refrigerators, cable television, telephones, wireless internet services, hair dryers, and irons. On the other hand, facilities in hostels are minimal and not pleasant like hotels. They do not give extra to their guests. People who stay in hostels also have some interesting stories and there is a community hall available where all the guests can mingle, play pool, or watch TV together. This can be fun for many guests. In hotels, you do not get a chance to know other guests. In hotels, the goal is to provide their guests with complete privacy.

In some hostels, you also do not get linens, which mean you have to take your own if you have planned to stay in a hostel. There are some rules in the hostels especially youth hostels. They may have rules like no smoking, no drinking, since the place is communal. You also have to guide your own property s there is no responsibility of the hostel staff or other people sharing rooms with you. You must keep your credit cards, jewelry, and cash in a safe place while you sleep.

Both hotels and hostels provide a roof, bed to travelers. If you are a rough traveler and looking for a cheap place to stay, then hostel is best for you, but if you are looking for a luxury vacation, then book a hotel.


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