Guide To Dressing For Success With Trendy Jewelry

Guide To Dressing For Success With Trendy Jewelry

Women that work in a professional office find it more difficult to keep up with the new fashion trends. Famous designers like to create some outlandish styles of clothing that may not be appropriate for those that work in a lawyer’s office. This makes trying to keep up with the new styles more difficult for professional females. There are several things that you can do to create your own style, without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Simple & Classic

If you like to keep your style simple and classic, you can always change it up a little, by adding stylish, trendy jewelry. This is not to say you have to choose a large pair of dangling earrings to wear, but a double-sided pair of earrings will fit in perfectly, without looking out of place. The stud can be worn by itself or with the backing, whichever you prefer will be appropriate for your dress style. These are the perfect size earrings that can be worn anywhere, including your office. While looking professional, you will be looking beautiful and sexy, as well.

Shiny & Clingy Is Out

Shiny and clingy jewelry is definitely ruled out for the office. This will draw too much attention and look very unprofessional. Wearing several bracelets or necklaces that cling together can look overwhelmingly out of place with a dress suit. It is best to stick with only one piece of trendy jewelry so that you will keep your professional appearance, while looking fashionable and stylish.

Elegant Jewelry

Most women prefer to wear jewelry that is small and lightweight. Unique, elegant jewelry pendants are exceptionally stylish and will fit perfect with your dress attire. Single pendants will add pizazz to your outfit, without going overboard. With a large display of colors to choose from, it will not be difficult to find the perfect piece to match your daily and weekly attire. Most professional women are very organized and this means they like to have their daily attire laid out for the entire week. This will allow you the opportunity to mix and match your jewelry and clothing so that you do not have to worry about it, before heading off to work.

Dare To Be Different

Just because you work in a professional office does not mean that you should not dare to be different. This does not mean that you have to choose jewelry that is out of the ordinary for your style, but you can easily select something that is a little daring. Bold colored jewelry can be worn professionally, as long as you do not choose a piece that is extremely large. It is surprising how some types of jewelry can draw attention, without drawing negativity. Trendy, chunky rings are in style and will add a little bling to your wardrobe, but be cautious in your selection. Go with neutral colors or pastels so that they do not look outlandishly out of place and never wear more than one. Shop around and you will find a large selection of trendy jewelry that is perfect for your lifestyle and career.


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