G.I. JOE – First Marvel Original Art!

Herbe Trimpe is certainly not an unknown name to comic fans (I don’t have to mention the now iconic cover to Hulk#181, the first appearance of Hugh Jackman Wolverine do I?) but the real draw here is simply being the print introduction of A Real American Hero (I’m in the process of a reread/review of the Marvel run over at BSC if interested). Truth be told, as a child I actually started reading JOE a bit after this debut, but the page simply rings true to the spirit of the first seventy or so issues that (still) represent some of my favorite reading in this or any other medium.

The winning bid of over $7k was pretty damn healthy. While I’m disappointed in not winning, I find my post-auction loss reaction to be more mild than the norm, as G.I. JOE is just one of those properties hobbies or focuses that even in what tends to be a (understandably so considering that every item is unique) rather selfish hobby (art), doesn’t come with any negative stigma for me. It all goes back to toy store, family and Christmas memories for me.


Tanks for the Memories.


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