Dough Mahnke GOOD@UGLY Sketch Book

Just wanted to share this. I’m starting to get into some choice sketch books after being into art (hardcover) books in general. I do tend to only get motivated by very specific books and often times find myself hooked by those never-limited-enough limited editions. Not being an artist, I don’t just buy every one by my favorite artist puts out to see what they do, and is a new focus that I have to admit is somewhat *sigh* collectible minded (which is or at least can be different from having speculative/flipping ambition–I don’t regularly sell). I buy limited versions of James Jean’s books because I want to possess them, not for investing purposes (not that I think anything is wrong with that, though I question the practice as the most viable or profitable form of producing actual profit). One sketchbook that I recently bought was Dough Mahnke’s, which were offered up for sale on the CGC boards by his art rep. Most comic fans know who Mahnke is, but for those who don’t, he was a hell of an artist even before he finished up DC’s Final Crisis for J.G. Jones and started working on Green Lantern with Geoff Johns during the ass kickin’ Blackest Night storyline (which is the theme for the cover of this sketch book).

You may have also seen his work in the Batman: The Man Who Laughs one-shot written by Ed Brubaker, the Frankenstein chapter of Grant Morrison’s amazing Seven Soldiers among other projects–hell I go back to his work on X from Dark Horse’s Comic’s Greatest World in the ’90s.

The sketch book came in these editions:

Version A: limited to 200 copies (front/back cover image below)
Version B: limited to 50 copies with a blank cover (no image on cover, this will be used at conventions for Doug to sketch on for commissions)
Version C: limited to 30 copies, This is the CGC board exclusive with the images below switched around. So the full color GL will be on the front cover and the partially colored GL will be on the back.

I have the C. version (my copy is pictured below) which the rep dubbed “The Mahnkefactured Collectible Variant”. Speaking of the dealer (his ebay store is here-JonJesper on the CGC boards), I’ve bought from him on a few occasions now, both comics and original art (sweet 52 page), and you can’t go wrong in any regards purchasing from him.


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