Deep Six w/ Killer Whale – Auction Miss!

When I first saw the result of this auction I was pretty pissed. Not because I’m the seller (I rarely sell anything), but because for some reason it didn’t trip my Ebay alert when it was listed! The thing about G.I. Joe collecting is that as much as I love it, if we are talking domestic releases, there are actually very few truly rare items. If you have the money, you can find and acquire just about any and every regularly produced and distributed item rather easily. After all, these were mass produced and extremely popular toys that still aren’t even 30 years old yet (speaking off the A Real American Hero line). It is for this reason that when ‘rare’ items do pop up, you will usually see very aggressive prices, as collectors try to make the most of their chance to nab a truly unique piece to a collection. One avenue for G.I. Joe enthusiasts to do this are the prototypes like the Eco Warrior Deep Six.

With Killer Whale. That’s the key with this figure, and with the winning bid being just over $1500, this was a damn steal. Only around a couple dozen of these figures (NOT a variant) were made before the dolphin was recolored grey, an the black prototype is now commonly called “killer whale” by collectors. While obviously we are talking the infamous neon era of the JOE line (which don’t get it twisted, does have some gems), I don’t mind telling you that it kind of bums me to see this one go essentially unchallenged.

Sweet, sweet, an opportune purchase by the winner on this one!


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