Debt Collection Made Easy with Telemarketing Software

Debt Collection Made Easy with Telemarketing Software

For businesses and corporations, it is crucial to track down and collect debts, which are owed. In order to do this, the business will need to first find the customer, before contacting them and setting up some type of payment plan. Of course, anyone, who has ever attempted to collect a debt, understands how difficult it can be to get consumers to commit to paying it off. Some big corporations are owed millions in debt, by thousands of different consumers. Therefore, these corporations will have to seek out a large number of debtors, before placing calls. Thankfully, telemarketing software for debt collection can make the process much easier to handle.

Making Contact

When you first locate a debtor, it is wise to verify the phone number, before you attempt to collect your money. In order to do this, you may want to rely on an automated system, which will give you the ability to place a call and receive information, without saying a word. This is the power of IRV, or Interactive Voice Response, messaging. With this type of technology, you can allow the computer to do everything for you. A computer-generated message will be sent to the debtor, which can help to confirm their identity. After that, you’ll be able to call yourself and attempt to establish a payment plan.

More Success with Progressive Dialing

With the use of telemarketing software for debt collection, you can use a technique, which is known as progressive dialing. This is a specific dialing mode, which can help you identify your customers, before you begin speaking. While working at your workstation, the dialing will begin, after the debtor’s information is flashed on your screen. This will give you a moment to familiarize yourself with the debtor and their specific debt. With this information, you will be able to make the call more personal, as you attempt to collect your money. To put things in simple terms, this will improve your overall success rate.

Delivering Targeted Messages

Lets face it. Nobody wants to receive a message or phone call, which informs him or her that they owe a whole bunch of money. In fact, it is best to wiggle around the call’s true motive, before you break the news. One way to do this is to use the Call Center Now software to set up and run automatic dialing campaigns. With this type of system, you can call a specific phone number and deliver a message to whoever answers. Since the process can be completely computer automated, it can contact a large number of debtors, within a short period of time. This is an effective way to establish contact and get these individuals to contact you. The computer message can give the debtor a phone number to contact, at a later time.


This software is effective and less costly, which can help you collect your debts much quicker than ever before. This will automate the process, until you’re ready to begin collecting on your debts.


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