Cover Grab – Action Comics #206

By far the best online resource for comic collectors or comic enthusiasts (in terms of back issues, and just general knowledge of comics) is the CGC boards. It doesn’t matter if you agree or participate in graded comics or not, the community there is an outstanding source of information on this hobby. I’ve spent hours going through older threads just reading about comics history (a lot of which is first hand) that you simply don’t get anywhere else. Part of that community is a – in my experience – a terrific forum marketplace, one that’s self-policed and has within in it some of the best dealers and well regarded collectors in the biz, both buying and selling. I haven’t bought a ton from there, but its certainly over a dozen times and I’ve never had a problem. However, for every book I have bought, there are literally hundred that I get exposed to, many of which end up on my want list, or at the very least give me some sort of odd happiness in seeing (you have to be a comic fan to get that–I call it the cover grab)–something even more welcome when its a run that I thought I had a comprehensive mental gallery of.


That shit should be classic cover, and just as I was thinking it, I scrolled down and somebody else posted the same exact thought! Since I’m using the image of a book he’s selling, it’s only right to point to the dealer’s website, Quality Comix. I haven’t bought from the site, but I’m pretty sure I have bought from his sale threads before, and had no problems– definitely a dealer in good standing.

I think I’ll do other “cover grabs” as they occur and share them here!


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