Sequential Christmas Spirit

Minus the era where we start only caring about what we can drink, smoke and get in the pants of, I am a life long fan of comics. Yet last year was the first time that comics were among my Christmas gifts. I love comics, and because who they came from I wouldn’t ever partRead More

Cover Grab – Action Comics #206

By far the best online resource for comic collectors or comic enthusiasts (in terms of back issues, and just general knowledge of comics) is the CGC boards. It doesn’t matter if you agree or participate in graded comics or not, the community there is an outstanding source of information on this hobby. I’ve spent hoursRead More

G.I. JOE – First Marvel Original Art!

Herbe Trimpe is certainly not an unknown name to comic fans (I don’t have to mention the now iconic cover to Hulk#181, the first appearance of Hugh Jackman Wolverine do I?) but the real draw here is simply being the print introduction of A Real American Hero (I’m in the process of a reread/review ofRead More

Dough Mahnke GOOD@UGLY Sketch Book

Just wanted to share this. I’m starting to get into some choice sketch books after being into art (hardcover) books in general. I do tend to only get motivated by very specific books and often times find myself hooked by those never-limited-enough limited editions. Not being an artist, I don’t just buy every one byRead More