The Art of Tim Burton

Whether one enjoys his films or not (and how can you not?) you have to give it to the guy. Tim Burton has a design sense that immediately give each of his stories a unique ambiance, while still not relinquishing a personal stamp that connects them all. I’ve been interested in this book since IRead More

G.I. JOE – First Marvel Original Art!

Herbe Trimpe is certainly not an unknown name to comic fans (I don’t have to mention the now iconic cover to Hulk#181, the first appearance of Hugh Jackman Wolverine do I?) but the real draw here is simply being the print introduction of A Real American Hero (I’m in the process of a reread/review ofRead More

Dough Mahnke GOOD@UGLY Sketch Book

Just wanted to share this. I’m starting to get into some choice sketch books after being into art (hardcover) books in general. I do tend to only get motivated by very specific books and often times find myself hooked by those never-limited-enough limited editions. Not being an artist, I don’t just buy every one byRead More