BSCkids is Live!

Just a moment to talk some “serious” business. We just launched a sister site of BSCreview called BSCkids. We are still putting it together, but we have a lot of content, both lined up and in the works. Our original thought for initiating Kids actually got sped up after conversations we had with high ups in high places always telling us that there was this void for the true younger market (i.e. not teen-Twilight).

What we always noticed was this incredible amount of publicity assets we’d receive aimed at a younger audience, and we just wanted to start using it. More than I think either Damon or I would care to admit, I think our ages have something to do with the desire to make a move into this demographic–I mean who isn’t or doesn’t have a kid (if you know somebody please let me know, because I know somebody at io9 who could do a sweet article on them)? Don’t need to act the snarky and unsuccessful almost-adults on the web anymore (enough of those on the web already, especially covering particular sub genres), and we already have a platform that actually performs reasonably well. So, one day Damon was giving me the gist of a phone call he had with a VP of a large Corporation (let’s just say it begins with the letter “D”) regarding a completely different publicity matter. She put him on to a pretty blatantly obvious fact. You know, that kind that makes so much common sense, neither one of us really (he was probably too busy watching Wizards of Waverly Place, and I was probably engrossed in the question of whether or not there was an LCS in the SD-F1) ever considered it. From that conversation, BSCkids was born and put on the fast track. We hope it will be fun, because both of us are pumped about the site!

I posted briefly about the launch over at BSC as well. If it sounds like something you’d dig, grab our feed or follow us on twitter. Over at BSC I already made the call, but if you are a creator or a publicist who has applicable material, or think you may want to contribute, please feel free to shoot me an email. We already have a rather extensive reach due to BSC, but we are always looking for new opportunities, ideas and relationships.

The newest member of BSC la familia is about family. Hard not to passionate about that.


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